Roving Bob Marshall Wilderness pack trip at Salmon Forks
Roving Bob Marshall Wilderness Pack Trip

We are now the only outfitter in the Bob Marshall Wilderness using mules exclusively for riding into “The Bob.” So, why mules over horses? We assure you, we love our horses; they are friends, and they serve us well as both packing and riding animals. Though, with our years of packing experience, mules stand the test-of-time in strength, comfort for riding long-distance, intelligence, and are more sure-footed than the horse. The mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse. It is true, a mule’s skin is thicker, their feet are tougher, and their head is larger than that of a horse; perhaps to hold up those big ears that can measure larger than 30 inches in length! We just love our mules. The feedback from both our guides and guests is that their riding experience is overwhelmingly positive for both the long-ride to our base camp, and for riding into remote places in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

We are excited to have finally made the transition to mules for all of our Salmon Forks riding. We are equally happy with the new addition of custom-made saddles, specifically designed for riding mules in comfort. The new saddles make a difference for our guests. Many of our guests are beginner riders, and their comfort and riding experience is very important to us, we want you to arrive to camp with energy to fish before dinner!