Salmon Forks Outfitters is pleased to offer summer horseback pack trips. These trips are part of the rich tradition of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The Bob is a special place, one of the largest congressionally designated wildernesses in the lower 48 states of the country. It is so vast, that the only real way to take it all in is to ride a horse. Originally, folks used to use horses mostly for hunts, but as the years have passed, more and more visitors are recreating during the summer.

All trips accessing the interior are referred to as ‘roving’ trips.  This refers to the fact that as a result of USFS permit requirements; parties are not authorized to camp in one spot more then two consecutive nights.  The trips begin at one on several different portals to the Bob, known as main trailheads.  From the first day, guests ride to targeted camp spots navigating their way using guides and historic trails.  These trips often feature a specific location as the highlight of the trip such as the Chinese Wall, Mudd Lake Look Out and Big Salmon Lake.  Additionally, most of these trips accommodate guests who like to fish as different location along the way.  Depending on the destination, these trips can be from 5 to 9 days in duration.

Because of the unique location of Salmon Forks Outfitters and its parent company Swan Mountain Outfitters, we are able to provide a variation in routes that are different from the other outfitters in the Bob.  We purposely run fewer, more unique trips rather then maximizing the number of trips per season.

The following represents the various trip options that might be offered during the summer months; please note not all trips are offered each year:

Chinese Wall/White River

This Bob Marshall Wilderness backpacking trip departs and returns from the Meadow Creek trailhead, rides through the interior of the Bob targeting the Chinese Wall and the White River as pinnacle destinations.  This trip entails a lot of riding, and is ideal for participants looking to see the Wall up close and personal.  There is ample opportunity to fish and recreate along the way. This trip is seven days in duration.

Smith Creek Pass/Little Salmon to Holland Trailhead

Emphasizing the Swan Range western border of the Bob, this Bob Marshall Wilderness backpacking trip is a rare treat to take a route not offered by any other outfit.  The Little Salmon is off the beaten path of the Bob’s interior with excellent upstream fishing.  A ride along the Big Salmon Lake is memorable as it the exit through Holland Pass.  This trip is five days in duration.

North to South

Guest on this Bob Marshall Wilderness backpacking trip will ride the entire north/south expanse of the Bob Marshall Wilderness originating at the Meadow Creek Trailhead on the northern end of the Bob, and exiting at Whitetail Creek Trailhead on the southern end.  At times, we will offer this trip in reverse order starting from southern end and finishing up north. This trip is a seven day trip.

Northern Key Hole

This Bob Marshall Wilderness backpacking trip emphasizes the northern third of the Bob, with a launch at Meadow Creek Trailhead riding south then east over Pagoda Pass looping back north and exiting Silvertip Trailhead. Guest will see the northern end of the Chinese Wall and some stunning mountain peaks at the northeast section of the Bob including Pagoda, Silvertip and Pentagon.  This trip is 6 days in duration.

The Ultimate “Bob” tour

This is an extensive Bob Marshall Wilderness backpacking trip attempting to take in a wider variety of locations.  Originating at Meadow Creek Trailhead and exiting Silvertip Trailhead, the trip routes run through the interior and breaks east at White River for a view of the entire Chinese Wall while riding north along the western border of the Continental Divide.  This trip in nine days in duration.

We encourage you to visit our custom trips page if you don’t see the route you have dreamed about above.  Stay tuned, as we are designing new trips and routes and will update this page often.  The goal of Salmon Forks Outfitters is to offer different trips with an opportunity to get off the main traveled routes.

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