Orvis once named the fisheries within in the Bob Marshall one of the top five in the world.  It is a rare opportunity to experience fly fishing trout in their original habitat. Salmon Forks Outfitters operates out of the most coveted spot within the Bob Marshall to take anglers to the “source” of the wild hatch for trout within the Bob Marshall Wilderness. While many of the other Bob Marshall float trips get you close to these areas, you float away from some of the best fishing. With Salmon Forks Outfitters’ Bob Marshall Wilderness fly fishing trip, you camp at the headwaters of the fishery, and each day break out to a variety of areas to walk and wade. Your precious time isn’t spent setting up and breaking down camp, but rather enjoying your Bob Marshall Wilderness fly fishing experience.

Home to westslope cutthroat and bull trout, the waters in and around the Salmon Forks present some of the finest blue ribbon fly fishing offered in the state of Montana.  Because this is located 21 miles into the interior of the Bob, the fishing experience is truly a wilderness experience.  Only a handful of lucky anglers access this area annually.

Salmon Forks Outfitters offers many options for anglers to feel comfortable on their Bob Marshall Wilderness fly fishing trip, as follows:

7-Day Salmon Forks Camp

First day ride into stationary camp, fish five full days, ride out last day

  • Semi-guided – The Salmon Forks staff steers you in the right direction and prepares your meals. You fish on your own walking and wading the miles of streams and river confluences surrounding the camp area.
  • Fully Guided – In addition to meeting your needs in camp, anglers are accompanied by a professional fly fishing guide who will select locations and provide full guide service each day

7-Day Roving Camp

First day ride into Salmon Forks camp; next five days horseback rove, camp and fish at different locations that can include: Little Salmon, Salmon Lake, White River, South Fork Flathead River and Salmon Forks, five full days; ride out last day

July Bull Trout Fishing Trip

Salmon Forks is one of the few places to legally target native bull trout. Our location is known as the best fishing on the South Fork River corridor by locals and guides alike; and our base camp is a stones-throw from the wild hatchery. Bull trout are known to grow up to 36” in this fishery, so if you are looking to catch that fish of a lifetime, you have come to the right place. Walk-and-wade fish before breakfast or in the evening, no need to pack-up camp to float, or ride away from the prime habitat. Anglers choose Salmon Forks Outfitters for this specific trip because of the ease of access from base camp, the angling opportunity to target westslope cutthroat and bull trout in the height of the season, and for the relaxation that comes with a fully-guided Montana fishing trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Bull trout season ends July 31, if you want to target bull trout schedule a trip prior to that date. We can custom design this highly sought-after trip in the month of July, and highly recommend the July 14 – 22 time-frame for optimal angling conditions to target bull trout.

fly fish Montana wild trout

Multi-Day Custom Fishing Trip

Angler plans custom trip in duration and to locations with Salmon Forks Outfitters.

Many guests ask if we provide float trips on the South Fork of the Flathead river, we do not. There are only a few outfitters with permits to float, and we are not one of them. However, we want to point out, that although a float on the river can be very enjoyable, we believe the fishing options with Salmon Forks Outfitters offer a superior angling experience and here is why:

  • As required by permit, float outfitters must keep moving down river, and the end result is that some of the better locations are passed by since the boats must keep on moving.
  • Although located in a wilderness, the section of the south fork of the Flathead that is floated is subject to considerable use, multiple daily encounters with other floaters is likely
  • Due to the major fire in 2015, virtually the entire area surrounding the stretch of floated water has been severely burned and is scarred.  The setting is not currently as majestic as other locations within the Bob Marshall in particular the Little Salmon and Salmon Forks areas.
  • During high water it is very difficult to control downriver descent, this results in difficulty in targeting choice fishing spots.  Contrast this with walk and wade, where the angler can specifically target waters and adjust to flow rates

Owners Patrick Tabor and his son Pat Jr. are avid fly fishing enthusiasts and professional fishing guides.  They hand selected Salmon Forks Outfitters for purchase due to its world-class fishing location.  Fulfilling a dream to be able to offer Montana’s best fishing with their guests, the Tabors invite you to experience the best in fly fishing trout within their native wild habitat!

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