Salmon Forks Outfitters specializes in the design and delivery of customized trips.  Given the extensive resources of the Swan Mountain Group, we are often able to perform on specialized trips where other outfitters cannot.  Our staff works at identifying what your specific goals are, and can marshal the resources to make it happen.

Salmon Forks Outfitters specializes in wilderness blue ribbon fishing opportunities, and we often get requests from anglers looking for a certain type of water to fish, or a group that would like to experience a variety outside our regular schedule fishing trips and locations.  The Bob Marshall is so rich with alternatives for the angler, we can design a truly unique wilderness angling experience like no other outfitter.

There are many trip options for summer pack trips that Salmon Forks Outfitters offers, but perhaps you did not see a specific location or route that you have always dreamed to access.  No worries, Salmon Forks Outfitters are specialists on creating specialized trip routes and acquiring the necessary permission from the USFS to make it happen.  These trips take more time to plan, but the end result is a trip tailor made to meet your needs.

Often times hunters want a wilderness trip that is longer in duration, or has other multi weapon and multi species attributes not typically found in our regular hunting trips. Just ask Salmon Forks Outfitters how we can design a hunting trip that is your ideal format, and we can make it happen.

We enjoy offering variety and have become quite adept at designing unique one-of-a-kind experiences.  The only thing we need is an idea of what you want to accomplish and we will run with it.  Call today to plan your customized trip of a lifetime!

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