There are two ways to see the Bob Marshall, on foot or on horse.  Roving horseback pack trips are what has made the Bob Marshall famous throughout the country.  You are likely only able to count on one hand the places in America where you can access over 1.5 million acres on the back of horse camping and site seeing some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

Roving camp trips are a product of the unique permit system developed by land managers protecting our wildernesses.  The thought is we can reduce the footprint of visitors on any one spot within the wilderness by requiring groups to stay no longer in one spot than two nights.  There are a handful of designated camp spots in the Bob Marshall, but the vast majority of spots are chosen as a temporary place to “whole up” for the night as we move throughout the wilderness.

Salmon Forks Outfitters trips are fluid by necessity, as we never know what the availability of a certain location might be since there are other commercial and private users throughout the wilderness.  We create our itineraries with the ability to be flexible to go further or hold back based on the needs of the members of our groups and the read of the flow of other groups.

On all of our trips we target specific destinations such as the Chinese Wall, Big Salmon Lake or the Mudd Lake Lookout.

The key to an enjoyable roving trip is having competent guides, enjoyable horses, good gear, and good food.  Salmon Forks Outfitters prides itself on focusing on delivering those core components to endeavor to make each trip and special and enjoyable experience for our guests.

We have designed many of our trips to be different than the ones found elsewhere so that we can deliver variety and cut back on encounters with other groups.  Call today to see what Roving Pack Trips in the Bob Marshall is best for you and your group!

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