Let’s face it, hunting has changed a lot over the last several years. With the advent of TV shows, and the growth of private land farm and ranch hunts, expectations from hunters has morphed into a differing set of expectations for each hunter looking to book an outfitted hunt.

Not everyone should go on a wilderness hunt. It is important when hunters are looking for a hunt that they are clear on what their personal goals truly are, what their capabilities and limitations are, and what it is they hope or expect to achieve.

When folks go on a hunt in a wilderness, they should know from the start that the odds on harvest are by nature lower then that of hunts on private land.  So if a hunter has identified harvest as their main objective or goal of the hunt, then they shouldn’t book a wilderness hunt.  Hunting in the wilderness is the ultimate free chase environment.  In particular, in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, with over 1.5 million acres, there is simply no fences or food plots, or safe harbor areas that channel game.  Hunters must work hard to get to where the animals hide, and endure weather and physical demand extremes throughout the duration of their trip.

We once had a client put it this way: “I came on this trip to have an experience, and to spend time in one of America’s pristine wildernesses doing the thing I love to do, hunt with my son.  If I get animal great, all the better, but that is not why I am doing this”.

Do we harvest game?  You bet we do. But can we tell you if you will or not harvest game of for that matter even see some?  Quite frankly, no.  You see there are so many variables affecting game harvest in a wilderness, we can only control or predict a few.  Our goal is to know our areas, provide well-trained guides and horses and keep you as comfortable and safe as possible.  We never give up and our people work their buttes off to help you be successful. Your job is to come in the best shape you can, equipped with the proper clothing and gear, and the ability to shoot and hit targets sometimes as far as 400 years away.  If we all bring that to the relationship, then the last piece, the actual harvest, is up to God!

EQUIPMENT:  Ensuring that you have all the personal clothing and equipment you will need on your hunt is important for your comfort and safety. We recommend checking out this website for our specific gear recommendations suitable for your Northwest Montana hunt.

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