Our year in review 2014

The year started out with outfitter Mark having a total ankle replacement done in February. He had injured it badly when he was younger and it was beginning to slow him down. That’s not Mark!! He had a cast on for 6 weeks, which was not easy for such an active guy, but after driving his wife Janis crazy   he was finally out of the house! Rehab went well and he was out and doing whatever he wanted by mid-April. It took about 6 months to be 100% but it was well worth it. He now is walking and hiking like a 20 year old “well almost”

After a brutal winter!

In April Janis & Mark took a couple of weeks and went to Arkansas to visit with a good friend and former employee Terra Fonderist and her two children Amelia, Henry and her husband Tim. Some of you may remember Terra she worked for Salmon Forks in 2008 & 2009. She still talks about her time in the Bob, and will be posting some of her great pictures soon, we sure miss her!

North Dakota Badlands

In May, Mark & Janis took two of their horses and went out to Theodore Roosevelt State Park in western North Dakota to ride in the Bad Lands. What a very interesting place. North Dakota sure hides it’s beauty. We spent several days and rode our horses many miles through the Bad Lands. There are petrified trees laying all over the place, must have been quite the forest at one time! Sure different then in the Bob Marshall but with its own beauty.

July found us hauling the horses to Montana ,everyone was excited to get back to the beautiful Bob Marshall Wilderness and our Salmon Forks camp!


The Bob Marshall Wilderness Montana.

We had our first trip into the Bob on July 20th We could not get to our Salmon Forks  camp because of the main trail being washed out from high water and ended up 3 miles downriver at Little Salmon for the first two trips. We were then able to move up to our Salmon Forks camp on August 1st


 Salmon Forks Camp

We  had many wonderful guests and several from other countries.  We also had a lot of couples this year and they all were a lot of fun! The fishing was fabulous and the good times around the camp fire were very special. Everybody had a great time. Here is Miss Trout Montana 2014 with her staff and crown. FUN!!!


 Hunting at Salmon Forks in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

This was one of those years where you realize that old mother nature can do what ever she wants. Hot and dry the whole season kept the game high and quiet. We managed to get one nice bull elk  a mule deer and missed several more. That is why it is called hunting and not shooting, all in all everybody had a good time and understood the situation.   We are very optimistic about next year with all the new forage that has come up after the 2013 fires.

A big thank you to all of you that have joined us here in the beautiful Bob Marshall Wilderness. We have made so many friends over the years.  It is you that keeps us going!!! Have a great 2015!!

Happy Trails From all of us at Salmon Forks Outfitters
Welcome to the Bob
Welcome to the Bob