My story from a shelter to the best life a dog could have.

Pennie camp Etock



Hi, my name is Pennie, and Mark and Janis asked me to write a story about why I love to go to our Salmon Forks camp in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana. I am actually more than just a guest; I have important jobs! I protect the camp from bears, mice, those pesky chippies and my #1 favorite, pack rats! 😛 



I am a southern gal. I came north from Kentucky when Mark and Janis rescued me from a bad situation, they even wrote a newspaper article about me! Click here to see full article.  Pennie adoption


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 It was a long ride to my new home in Minnesota.

When I got there it was really cold and there was all of this cold white stuff on the ground!!



I have traveled to many interesting places in my life, the Grand Canyon, Black Hills of South Dakota, Colorado Rockies,and Montana

Since then my life has really picked up! In fact, I think I have the perfect dogs’ life!

Fred  Pennie

So, this is what I love about Salmon Forks! Whenever people sit around the campfire, I like to hang out by them.





  I get a lot of ear massages that way, plus I can usually con a few bites of people food from somebody





I love to go down to the South Fork Flathead river and swim. I am a natural swimmer, unlike people who splash and thrash around. I am always on the alert to save one of them from drowning! I swim every day and it sure keeps my coat soft and silky.









I love it when Janis and I get to go down to the river and play!





Janis -Pennie


                 Lets go swimming mom! What are we waiting for?


Janis getting a shower with Pennie

               I just love to shake and spray cold water on Janis!




At camp they always leave the door open, so I can run in and out, and I never have to bark or wait for permission to go out. That really gives me an advantage when I see a chippy close to the tent.


Every morning it’s my job to chase the horses out of camp. I love to bark really loud at their heels and get them running fast up the hill. The bells ring really loud, and everyone stands and watches me and yells at me to go faster!


Climbing to the top of the Chinese Wall

Whenever somebody goes on a trail ride I get to go along. That’s when my protection skills really come into play! I keep all the chippies and varmints off the trail so they don’t scare the horses

M& J 2014 224

The only time I don’t go along is when Janis makes turnaround trips to bring new friends in from the outside. I hate being left in camp, 😥 but it is a long trip in and out, and my legs are pretty short. So I stay in camp with Mark and Fred, and they spoil me.


I watch for Janis to come back and as soon as I see her coming down the trail, I get really excited  😛 to see her and all the new people!


This year I am training hard for a new job. I am going to be the first “pack dog”! I will carry water and food supplies into camp! I am so excited about my new job! Plus I will be in such good shape, those chippies and pack rats won’t stand a chance!

001 You wonder what I do during the winter to keep in shape? I go to dog obedience  class  with Janis it is a lot of Fun! I also take walks daily and maybe chase a Squirrel or two!

pennie obedience cert   504

I am really proud of this  🙂



I can’t tell time, so I just hope summer comes soon so I can get back to the beautiful Bob Marshall Wilderness and Salmon Forks!