My trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness by Owen Gibbs

In his own  words!

Owen Gibbs

Birds chirping, fish leaping and squirrels scurrying up trees.


I snatch my fishing pole and head down to the river. I watch the fish skim the water and I cast the pole.



It’s a nice day at camp. The fire is flickering and sizzling our fish. People hauling buckets of water up to filter.

The horses munching grass and pellets and resting for the long ride back.



It seems like fish are biting every time I cast the pole. Most of them too big to keep (under camp regulations) I watch as people pack up to leave the next day.

SFO 2014 121

   I love it here at the Bob Marshall Wilderness and hope to come back soon!!!     Owen Gibbs


Owen came to our Salmon Forks camp in the Bob Marshall Wilderness with his grandpa Gordon, and his Dad,  Aaron.



Aron Gibbs pg

I think Owen out did the the old folk’s with the biggest one!!


208 Gordon and Mr. Southfork Cut


They had a wonderful time and Owen did not want to go home.

Owen Gibbs horse

They will be back this year!!