Meadow Creek Trailhead Fire 2015

Fire devastates Meadow Creek Trailhead.  On August  20th  2015 a raging forest fire engulfed the Meadow Creek trailhead in northwest Montana affecting 5 outfitting businesses, Salmon Forks was one of them.  It  jumped the South Fork River and grew from … Continued

Retiring Some Old Friends

Cisco, Maggie, Lucille Cisco  Marks horse Cisco who turned 30 this year is being put out to pasture with two of his old mule girlfriends, Maggie and Lucille for their remaining years. They will be home here with us for … Continued

Using Bear Spray

We have a lot of inquirers about bears and bear spray. Even though we have never had a human bear encounter in the 28 years we have been in the Bob, we do see them occasionally. People ask about bear … Continued