Llama trekking is for active people that enjoy hiking, and there is no better way to walk deep-into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We are excited to now offer longer six to 10 day llama treks in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We recommend these extended and fully guided llama treks for those that want to experience Montana’s wilderness areas for an extended period of time, without the hassle of carrying backpacking gear. Our llamas provide the perfect backpackers assist; each llama is able to carry about 80 pounds of gear. Llama trekking guides take care of trip logistics, including cooking an array of delicious Montana sourced meals while on the trail. Llama trekking is the most unique hiking vacation, it is a must-do bucket list adventure! Individuals, couples, families, and groups of friends have enjoyed our shorter duration multi-day trips from our Swan Valley location. Longer duration llama treks can be custom designed to fit the needs of our guests. Please see our full listing of llama trekking services at Llama Treks Montana, or call us for more details.