Down to the River to Graze

I love Allison Krause singing ‘Down to the River to Pray’…well I like her singing just about anything for that matter.  But, for these purposes, I thought I would change her song title to match the Salmon Forks horses in … Continued

2015 A year to remember!

Leaving Camp Early         Our  2015 season ended prematurely due to the Meadow Creek fire that destroyed our trailhead, the trail and all our hay and equipment August 20th 2015 .Our camp deep in the heart of … Continued

Meadow Creek Trailhead Fire 2015

Fire devastates Meadow Creek Trailhead.  On August  20th  2015 a raging forest fire engulfed the Meadow Creek trailhead in northwest Montana affecting 5 outfitting businesses, Salmon Forks was one of them.  It  jumped the South Fork River and grew from … Continued