Leaving Camp Early

Fire boring down on Meadow Creek Trailhead
Fire bearing down on the Meadow Creek Trailhead





Our  2015 season ended prematurely due to the Meadow Creek fire that destroyed our trailhead, the trail and all our hay and equipment August 20th 2015 .Our camp deep in the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness was never affected, just the trail access to it.

az 2015 Med Fire 2015 739

What’s left of 450 bales of hay at the Meadow Creek Trailhead and much of our equipment!


Really smokey the day before we left camp due to the Meadow Creek fire 20 miles away. Our camp was never affected by the fire! It was just the  main trail to camp that was affected.


Sunrise the day we left camp!

At 6:00 AM the morning of August 26th our 5th and last group of 2015 rode out the 33 mile long Upper Holland trail , the only way we could get out of the Bob!

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Actually, we had no idea how far the trail was, or how long the ride would take, none of us had ever been out of the Bob Marshall using this trail! The thrill of the unknown made the adventure all the more exciting!


Enjoy the ride, it will be a while!



The ride along Big Salmon Lake was beautiful with the sun  filtering through the smoke.


az 2015 Med Fire 2015 670

Riding along Big Salmon Creek

Big Salmon Falls

Stopped at Big Salmon Falls for lunch.

Are we there yet!!!
New views around every corner….Are we there yet!!!


az 2015 Med Fire 2015 699

There were many switchbacks going down to Upper Holland Lake.


az 2015 Med Fire 2015 694

I see you up there!

Meadow Creek fire 024

I got your picture.


Looking down on Upper Holland Lake. Still enjoying the ride?


az 2015 Med Fire 2015 712

On the trail between Upper Holland Lake  and Lower Holland Lake.


az 2015 Med Fire 2015 673

Brady’s puppy Jill got a free ride out!

.Mark heading out of the Bob

Knowing we would not get back into camp for quite a while. Mark stayed one more day,  cleaned up camp, put all the food in the bear proof boxes and rode out the 28th. The Bob Marshall was closed the same day.   Continued warm and dry conditions kept the Bob closed until September 12th only days before hunting season was to start. However, the Meadow Creek trail suffered severe damages with major repairs for over 10 miles . Trail crews are continuing to work on the trail and it remains closed.  More on this later!