Salmon Forks Outfitters

Our year in review 2014 The year started out with outfitter Mark having a total ankle replacement done in February. He had injured it badly when he was younger and it was beginning to slow him down. That’s not Mark!! … Continued

Thanksgiving in the Bob!

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for our many blessings, and the joining together of families and friends to celebrate the occasion. Every week at our Salmon Forks camp in the Bob Marshall Wilderness we have a full turkey dinner … Continued

Retiring Some Old Friends

Cisco, Maggie, Lucille Cisco  Marks horse Cisco who turned 30 this year is being put out to pasture with two of his old mule girlfriends, Maggie and Lucille for their remaining years. They will be home here with us for … Continued

Using Bear Spray

We have a lot of inquirers about bears and bear spray. Even though we have never had a human bear encounter in the 28 years we have been in the Bob, we do see them occasionally. People ask about bear … Continued

Recipe of the month!

Our Wilderness Oven.   Our partner Marlene decided to try a new style of baking using an underground oven. This is what she came up with and it was awesome! Depending on how many people you are feeding, this will … Continued