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If you are seeking authentic Montana fly-fishing, we are your best bet. Located in the Bob Marshall Montana Wilderness, we offer thousands of acres of land, untouched by human hands. This is pure nature, and you will love every inch of it.

South Fork Flathead

Home of the native Westslope Cutthroat trout, “Montana’s State Fish” the South Fork Flathead is born in the nation’s most beautiful wilderness, the “Bob Marshall Wilderness “The South Fork originates at the confluence of Danaher Meadows and Young’s creek in the Bob, flows north for its first unimpeded 40 miles through the heart of  the Bob between the Continental Divide on the east and the Swan Range on the west.

The South Fork is a great river for the  elite as well as the novice & the beginner, very easy to wade, lots of gravel bars, easy casting & you will catch nice fish!

The trout are all wild- no hatchery grown fish here!

Here, you will find one of the best Westslope Cutthroat trout populations not only in Montana, but nationwide. Through the summer and fall, you can stay at our camp that is within a minutes’ walk of the river. The South Fork Flathead River stretches for miles, and you have full access to all of it. It doesn’t matter where on the river you choose to fish; we’ve had guests not far from the camp catch some of the biggest fish we’ve ever seen.

Big Salmon Lake

Big Salmon Lake is a beautiful, clear, body of water. You will be able to see individual fish swimming beneath the clear surface. It’s the perfect spot for a fishing trip, or even a lakeside picnic.Take a day trip to the head of the lake, enjoy a shore lunch and watch the Bull trout swim between your legs.  See eagle,s and osprey, trying to catch fish. Fish for that  big Cutthroat trout!

Camp Life

Your lodging will be located in our relaxing camp, which overlooks the South Fork. We have huge tents with lots of room. Included are heating stoves, cots, and room for whatever else you might need. If it’s just one or two of you, we also have dome tents available. We also have a special shower tent for you to rinse off every day.

Throughout the day, you will be able to enjoy delicious meals. We offer complete breakfasts, steaks and turkey dinners, and an assortment of desserts and other tasty items cooked in our Dutch oven. Enjoy evening meals around the campfire with fellow campers. The scenery will look amazing under the night’s stars. You’ll be able to see everything; there is no pollution present.


Our fly fishing trips begin in July and run from a Sunday to a Saturday, through the month of September. We offer trip packages with 5 days and 7 days. Many people stay for the whole week since there is so much to see and do!

5 day fly fishing trips – $1,900/person

7 day fly fishing trips– $2,400/person

Also included in your all inclusive trip price is the following:

First night lodging at the beautiful Diamond R Lodge. A two hour drive into the mountains and situated on the Spotted Bear River. See pictures in our photo album.

Salmon Lake Fishing Lodge
Cabin at Diamond R Lodge

You will have your own rustic cabin.Take a hike, enjoy a great evening meal, including beverages, in their beautiful lodge or on their deck overlooking the Spotted Bear river. In the evening you can sit around a blazing camp fire and just take it all in!!

In the morning you will have a great breakfast, fix a trail lunch and then take a 30 minute drive to the trail head, where you will be assigned your horse for the week have a short orientation and head into the beautiful Bob Marshall wilderness for a great adventure!

If you are flying, we also furnish airport pickup, and transportation to the Diamond R from Glacier International Airport, Kalispell, Montana.

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Montana Fly Fishing and Hunting Licenses

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Check out this video by Tightlines, it is all about the Caddies Fly, which is one of the most popular flies we use.